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Young Dolph – Thinking Out Loud (Album Review)

Young Dolph actually lives what he speaks on songs, which results in his music sounding as real as it gets. As he continues to ascend in the rap game, the Memphis bred rapper has not only gained lots of industry friends in the process, but also a few foes here and there also. Since Dolph isn’t afraid to speak on these matters when he raps, we as listeners should anticipate a project that is as revealing as it gets from him.



Why do people like Dolph as a rapper? If you ask me, it’s because of songs like these in which he makes it a priority to speak directly to his people. Dolph talks quite a bit about his flossing ways, but does it in a way that has an ounce of humility to it

You’ll love this song for its emotional instruments and charged up sound overall.


‘Point Across’ has a very soothing instrumental, with Dolph talking that boss s–t throughout it.

Dolph raps with such a good pace on this song, adjusting to the numerous effects in the beat. I also feel like most of his bars stick out like Blac Chyna’s booty on his verses.

‘Point Across’ is the first Zaytoven produced beat that sounds nothing like his other beats.


‘What’s the Deal’ is the epitome of a Dolph banger to me: You got a knocking instrumental, reckless lyrics, and an elementary flow.

I really like Dolph on sinister trap beats like this! I feel like his gritty lyrics stand out more on them, giving him this mafia-like persona that is unique.

I can easily see this being a Gucci song.


On ‘While U Here’, Dolph lets the people know about some of the things he’s been through these last couple of years, keeping it all the way real with every lyric he drops. I love how specific he is in the stories he tells, providing us with wise words from the eyes of a thug that made it out of a dramatic upbringing.

Dolph could’ve easily been six feet under a few weeks ago, making this song even more dramatic to me (And a bit eerie).


I knew a track with Ty Dolla $ign, Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz would make my top 5; not because of the star power, but because these are the type of songs where each person featured doesn’t want to be outclassed.

Young Dolph gives us a very inspired verse on this song, rapping with great energy and aggression. With the song having three features, I thought it was important that he established the tone of the record (which he does here).

Gucci starts his verse off by saying rap was easy for him, and based off of how he’s rapping, he’s absolutely right. Since he’s been released from jail, Gucci’s been rapping with this cool/sly approach, making him even more appealing to listen to. He follows that same formula on this song, playing that veteran figure that doesn’t stress a single bar he lays down.

2 Chainz verse is tough, especially since he decided to rap with this gangsta ass slur. I can tell he refused to be outdone by the others on this song, so he drops nothing but heat on his raps.

Ty Dolla $ign shares the chorus duties with Dolph on this song, and his contributions are minimal but still sweet.

These four artists should definitely consider making a project together; they mesh really well with each other.


1. WHAT’S THE DEAL (4.7/5)


3. POINT ACROSS (4.7/5)

4. DRIPPY (3.9/5)

5. BELIEVE ME (3.8/5)

6. ALL OF MINE (3.9/5)

7. GO GET SOME MO (4.7/5)


9. EDDIE CANE (3.2/5)

10. WHILE YOU HERE (5/5)



With this album, I am all the way convinced that Young Dolph understands his purpose in rap and which type of music people find enjoyable from him. As I listen to him rap, I hear this guy that takes his time when he lays his bars down, along with someone who understands how to make a track that is gutter but still catchy enough to sing a long to.

Even though he doesn’t experiment much on this album, his lyrics, his beats, and his bombastic bars are appealing enough to keep you entertained for the duration of the album.

Here’s the million dollar question: Has Dolph entered super star status when it comes to trap rappers? His content mimics what you hear from your other trap rappers, but I think that he has this laidback/confident way of rapping that puts him up there with the stars. I will say there is no need to be quick in crowning him cause it seems like he’s just getting started, but with amount of bullets he takes on an annual basis, I’m just hoping he stays healthy for now.

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