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Shofar – Running (Review & Stream)

Shofar is a dynamic band from Minneapolis, Minnesota that puts a major focus on spreading powerful messages through their electrifying music. With the release of their newest album, ‘Shofar’, the band was able to create a six track gem that Rock-N-Roll listeners will find absolutely exhilarating — ‘Running’ is the first track off of it.

Nothing tops authentic Rock-N-Roll music like this! With explosive drums, excellent guitar play, and roaring vocals, Shofar makes something that is more of an invigorating anthem than a simple Rock-N-Roll tune.

The lyrics on this song are really deep; I feel like the lead singer matches the intensity of the instrumental very well. I feel like he shows great passion/vulnerability with his words, letting his heart bleed in this care free way.

Make sure you check out both ‘Running’, and the rest of their self-titled album, HERE.


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