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Majid Jordan – The Space Between (Album Review)

I’m sorry if I come across as a bit rude, but I find them Majid Jordan dudes to be a bit weird. I know some of ya’ll are going to come to their defense and argue that they are artistic, not weird, but between their album covers, their strange music videos, and their overall presentation, I beg to differ. With this new album called, ‘The Space Between’, these interesting artists have a chance to make me a believer in their movement, as they look to electrify listeners with their futuristic sounding R&B music.



There is only two people in this world that can make a song like this: Majid Jordan and Janet Jackson.

You never know how ‘Out of this world’ these guys can go when they drop music, so it’s dear to my heart to hear a simple song like this from them. On ‘Gave Your Love Away’, the Canadian duo dropped this breezy track that has the simplest of rhythms attached to it. The song sorta reminds me of those vintage R&B tracks from the 90’s where ad-libbing was the main focus, while the lyrics played second fiddle to everything else.


This is one song on the album that will get overlooked by many, but if you take the time to listen to it, you will see it as more timeless than the others.

I know this word hasn’t been used in about 40 years, but this song is groovy as hell! Majid approaches his verses with a good pep to his step, creating this clap-heavy tune that is sure to get people up off their asses in any room its played in. Though the lyrics that the duo drops is on some powerful s–t, it’s Majid’s glowing vocals combined with the tracks intergalactic instrumental that makes it special.


Majid Jordan and Dvsn are the perfect example of underground singers to me.

‘My Imagination’ has that ‘work out’ vibe to it, with the beat literally sounding like someone’s heart pumping. Both lead vocalists approach the song with great exuberance, as they each discuss the paranoia that they have about this new woman they are seeing. The chemistry between Majid Jordan and DVSN is so good on this song that I think they are talking about the same girl, they are the same person, and they are also the girl that they are talking about.


I was expecting a sap-a-thon here, but instead you get this riveting track featuring two superstar OVO acts.

PARTYNEXTDOOR takes care of the chorus duties on this song, providing the track with this sly/sleek hook about his favorite subject: strippers! He shines bright on the song, doing a little bit of everything R&B-wise.

The tone of this song is pretty light-hearted, but Majid Jordan decided to approach it with lots of emotion. While it seems like PARTY wants this supposed stripper a lot, Majid sounds like he’s about to drop dead if this stripper doesn’t come to him in the next 5 minutes.

I didn’t know that you could make a gentle strip club song…


‘Body Talk’ is as flawless as a top 40 song is going to get. Over this tropical beat, the Majid sings in this passionate/spirited way, ensuring this beautiful girl he’s pursuing understands the many ways he hopes to treat her. More than anything, you will be drawn in by ‘Body Talk’s’ infectious vibes, and have its catchy hook stuck in your head.


1. INTRO (N/A)


3. OG HEARTTHROB (4.5/5)

4. BODY TALK (5/5)

5. NOT ASHAMED (3.8/5)

6. YOU (3.9/5)

7. PHASES (4.4/5)

8. ASLEEP (3.9/5)

9. WHAT DO YOU DO (4/5)



13. OUTRO (4/5)



I wouldn’t say I was pleasantly surprised by this album, but I would say it is a breath of fresh air from all the other R&B music I hear today. ‘The Space Between’ is fun-loving, is soothing, and a very unique body of work by the duo. Even though they’ve only been together for a couple of years now, Majid Jordan has this chemistry that is hard to ignore, making for this music that is both high in quality and consistent. So with that being said, I can officially say I am a fan of the duo, and look forward to bumping a couple of these songs for the next few months.

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