Gucci Mane

LA – I Made It (Ft. Gucci Mane) (Review & Stream)

LA believes he made it, and based off of the animation in his voice, you probably can’t convince him otherwise. 

I don’t know how many trials and tribulations LA had to go through to get to fame, but if I were to guess, it sounds like quite a bit. LA yells on the track like an absolute barbarian, basking in the fact that he’s got money and is ballin’ now. While his lyrics contain a lot of boasting, there is this humbling factor to his verses that I do appreciate.

I love Gucci Mane on this song, mainly because he raps with this laid back style that compliments LA’s verses well. While LA is new to the fame, Gucci has had it for a while now, so he keeps the exuberance at a minimum on his verse.

Dope boys everywhere are going to love this song.



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