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Chris Brown – Heartbreak on a Full Moon (Album Review)


You can call Chris Brown a reckless dude all you want, but you can never question his musical talents. I can honestly say I’ve never heard this man give a poor performance on a song, which is why I have great admiration for him as an artist. With ‘Heartbreak on a Full Moon’, Chris continues to show us the love that he has for his craft, releasing this 45 track album that is 2 hours and 39 minutes long. While I find it impossible that an artist could keep my attention for that long, If there is anyone that has a chance to do it, it’s the marvelous Spider-Man Chris Brown!




I know ya’ll are going to think I ain’t s–t for this comment, but I feel like this song has a really good tempo to it! (Surprise, Surprise!)

I’ve always had an appreciation for energetic bedroom songs like these, mainly because I feel like it gives listeners this interesting twist to how love-making should be done. Even though I think songs like these are great musically, it’s more about the energy boost that it gives your bedroom experiences.

Doesn’t it feel like Chris is performing foreplay on the beat? It’s like the beat is trying to maintain its sexiness, yet its acting all wild and crazy. (Chris got the beat acting like a thotty!)



Annually, Chris gives us that one hip hop song that is hyped as hell! ‘Pills and Automobiles’ is it.

Chris does his best Travis Scott impersonation on this song, huffing and puffing over the amped up beat. While I know these days everyone is jacking each other’s flow, but when Chris jocks, he actually sounds better than the original person.

Gotti never changes who he is on a track, and I am truly thankful for it. As usual, Gotti sounds like he’s counting money while he’s rapping on this song, even doing that money dispenser sound in the process (Best ad-lib in the game right now). All in all, it’s a very solid verse by the Memphis rapper.

A Boogie Wit The Hoodie is my n—a, and on this song he sounds like he belongs! Hoodie gives us a nice little melody, combined with some carefree lyrics on his part. I may like his verse the best.

No one in this industry sounds like Kodak Black. On this track, he comes with this relaxed approach, even trying his hand at singing a little. I’m surprised he has the last verse on this song, but at the same time, he has this star appeal to him that has been growing by the hour.

Chris has a +.500 record when it comes to making hip hop hits like these.



There is two reasons why I like ‘Confidence’: it’s beautiful music, and it sounds like a tune I would hear at Nandos!

‘Confidence’ is uplifting, it’s soothing, and it’s absolutely charming. While Chris could be an erratic dude at times, he takes his time in everything he does on this song, creating this well-thought out track that is very easy on the ears.

I’m not going to say this sounds like ‘Madiba Riddim’, but I guess I just did didn’t I?



‘Privacy’ was one of the main singles out of this whopping 45 track album, and it might be the most dynamic too.

On ‘Privacy’, Chris gives you some soul, he makes you dance a little, and even drops a tough ass rap verse for us. All of the different sounds mesh really well together, making for this explosive Hip Hop track overall.

Chris’s star power shines brighter than ever on this song.



I’ve always thought this song was amazing! Everything from the booming instrumental to the passionate vocals stand out to me, as Chris takes full advantage of the songs fiery nature.

I feel like this song is a culmination of everything Chris has been through in his career (Love, heartbreak, backstabbing, etc.). Being the emotional light skin man that he is, Chris addresses these matters head on, pouring out his feelings in the most personal way imaginable.

With this song being the last track on this marathon, I feel like it serves as the perfect conclusion for all the things we learned about him in the previous 44 songs.


  1. LOST & FOUND (4.5/5)
  2. PRIVACY (5/5)
  3. JUICY BOOTY (4.7/5)
  4. QUESTIONS (4.5/5)
  6. ROSES (3.8/5)
  7. CONFIDENCE (5/5)
  8. ROCK YOUR BODY (4/5)
  9. TEMPO (4.6/5)
  10. HANDLE IT (4.3/5) (Was Great til Yachty destroyed it)
  11. SIP (5/5)
  12. EVERYBODY (4.8/5)
  13. TO MY BED (5/5)
  14. HOPE YOU DO (4.8/5)
  15. THIS AIN’T (4.8/5)
  16. PULL UP (4/5)
  17. PARTY (4.8/5)
  18. SENSEI (5/5)
  19. SUMMER BREEZE (4.6/5)
  20. NO EXIT (4.1/5)
  22. HURT THE SAME (4.2/5)
  23. I LOVE HER (4.5/5)
  24. YOU LIKE (4.5/5)
  25. NOWHERE (3.8/5)
  26. OTHER N—AZ (4/5)
  27. TOUGH LOVE (3.9/5)
  28. PARADISE (4.7/5)
  29. COVERED IN YOU (4/5)
  30. EVEN (4.3/5)
  31. HIGH END (4.2/5)
  32. ON ME (5/5)
  33. TELL ME WHAT TO DO (4/5)
  34. FRUSTRATED (4.6/5)
  35. ENEMY (5/5)
  36. IF YOU’RE DOWN (4.2/5)
  37. BITE MY TONGUE (4.5/5)
  38. RUN AWAY (5/5)
  39. THIS WAY (4.5/5)
  40. YELLOW TAPE (4.9/5)
  41. REDDI WIP (4.4/5)
  42. HANGOVER (4/5)
  43. EMOTIONS (4/5)
  44. ONLY 4 ME (5/5)


  1. DON’T SLOW ME DOWN (4.6/5)
  2. ON PURPOSE (3.9/5)
  3. HANDS UP (3.8/5)
  4. SAME S–T (4/5)
  5. TRUST ME (4.3/5)
  6. LET S–T GO (4.7/5)
  7. I WANNA (4.2/5)
  8. WATER (4.4/5)
  9. YOPPA (4.6/5)
  10. GET OFF (4.5/5)
  11. THIS X-MAS (3.8/5)
  12. SECRET (3.7/5)




Believe it or not, this album never gets boring folks! Every track is unique in its own way, and Chris never sells you short when it comes to effort. By the end of the album (If you’re crazy enough to listen to it from start to finish like I did), you will think this is easily Chris Brown’s best work.

Not only do you get really good R&B music on this album, but you also get some reggae, hip hop, rap, and pop too. It’s every type of Chris Brown that you’ve heard from the past, just a more mature version. Luckily for Chris, he was able to make timeless music on this album, meaning that you can take your time in enjoying the songs without worrying about it sounding outdated.

Just when you counted Chris down and out, he does some extraordinary s–t like this! I am highly impressed with what he was able to achieve on this album, especially considering that majority of the tracks is him by his lonesome. If you ever questioned whether or not Chris is a legendary talent in the game, this album should put those feelings to bed.

BTW, the top 5 is my personal top 5, it’s impossible that out of 45 songs I can guess what ya’ll think is the best!



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    • I agree wholeheartedly. As listeners, if you at least give us effort, we will appreciate you, and Chris comes with A++ effort on this album. Each song is quality, and has this timeless feel to it that allows it to have this longevity factor. To me, this means it’s his talent, it’s his confidence, and it is also his effort that allows him to succeed.

      Thanks for reading!


    • I was very very impressed. Not easy to do what he did at all. You’re right though, it’s perfect road trip music. Put it on shuffle, and let the hits come galore!


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