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Offset, 21 Savage & Metro Boomin’ – Without Warning (Mixtape Review)

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‘Without Warning’ is the perfect title for this album, because I had no clue that Offset, Metro Boomin’ and 21 Savage had something bubbling up this whole time. I wouldn’t say I was surprised though, because I feel like their styles compliment one another really well.  So with that being said, my expectations are high for this project, so let’s see if these two scary ass n—as can deliver!




Rap might’ve saved us too, cause I can see these dudes robbin’ us if they didn’t have it as their occupation.

21 sounds like he’s about to fall asleep on the chorus, but at least he’s swaggin’ on the beat pretty well, right? On his verse, he sounds just as sleepy, dropping these stuntin’ ass lyrics that will make even Montana Max jealous.

Doesn’t Offset sound like a cowboy on this song? He literally sounds like he just walked into one of those random ass bars in the wild wild west and is looking to pick a fight with Clint Eastwood. Don’t get me wrong, he drops a sick ass verse, he just happens to sound like he’s challenging a n—a to a fight throughout it.

Isn’t it great to hear Quavo simply rap? He’s been doing so much chorus work lately, and now he can sit back and relax just a little…. Well unfortunately, his verse isn’t good, so he should reconsider going back to chorus work.




I don’t doubt these dudes ability to be disrespectful in life…. Matter of fact, I’m sure it comes easy to them.

21 Savage opens up the track, and he quickly convinces me that he is a disrespectful n—a by comparing his chains to a couple major hurricanes that happened in the last couple of months (SMH). I cannot deny that he shines bright on this song though, rapping similarly to how he did on 7 Min Freestyle (Which I love).

Offset kills em’ with the flow on this song, effortlessly rapping with this fast pace. I feel he kinda coasted through his verse (which is fine to me), reminding me of a star player that already knows they won the game.




The fellas get straight to it on ‘Ghostface Killers’, dropping this sinister ass track that relies on violent lyrics and twisted flows.

Offset opens up the track, and his verse is marvelous (Don’t you like that word? Marvelous)! On it, he sorta gives people a description of the type of character he is, and that is this drug dealing/street n—a that ain’t afraid to tell it how it is. As usual, his tongue-twisting flow will catch your attention, as he pieces his words together magically.

21 Savage is the coolest n—a in the world, especially on Metro Boomin’ produced beats. On his verse, he uses several different flows, incorporating some really tough punchlines into his raps. His verse is a bit short, but definitely felt.

I wouldn’t consider Travis Scott as dark as Offset or 21 Savage, so his wavy style gives the song more of a light-hearted feel. He does try to rap in this paralyzing way, sounding like a trill ass zombie.

This might be the toughest intro since ‘Thought it Was A Drought’.




Metro Boomin’ and 21 Savage have phenomenal chemistry to me, and it really shows on this song.

For 21, tempo is such a major player in what he wants to accomplish, so Metro provided him with a beat that has really good tempo to it. In addition to that, Metro provided 21 with a beat that contains those dramatic instruments that make his evil lyrics stand out even more. I feel like Metro is 21 Savage’s Alfred Pennyworth.

Even though 21 Savage was practically spoon fed a hot track by Metro, give him some credit for pumping some additional energy into the song. Even though he raps with this monotone voice, he finds a way to be catchy, finding a way to make his bars stand out with every line he drops.

I feel like 21 starts and closes out his lines better than anyone else in the game right now, reminding me of an NBA player with a great first step that can also finish at the rim.



In my opinion, ‘Ric Flair Drip’ has the best hook on this album. It is performed by Offset, and he kills it by rapping with this tongue-twisting flow that has a really good ‘Umph’ associated to it. In my additional opinion, “Ric Flair Drip” is the best beat on the album, as it combines the albums dark feel with this head bopping knock. Based off simple math, this song is the best on the album..



2. RAP SAVED ME (4.4/5)


4. MY CHOPPA HATE N—AS (4.8/5)

5. NIGHTMARE (4.5/5)



8. RUN UP THE RACKS (3.7/5)

9. STILL SERVING (3.2/5)

10. DARTH VADER (5/5)



Fans of Halloween got a helluva treat here, as Offset, Metro Boomin’ and 21 Savage was able to deliver on this spooky ass hip hop album. With each artist being at the pinnacle of their careers right now, fans got a chance to hear the rap equivalent of the Golden State Warriors for 10 full length tracks.

These last couple of years people have been dissing ATL artists for their rapping abilities, but after hearing this album, lots of people will do some second guessing. In their own unique ways, each rapper imposes their will track by track, rapping like they got something to prove to the naysayers of their music. It’s the exact approach you would want from each artist individually, as they showcase their infatuation with the riches, violence, and women through some well written/unadulterated methods.

The consistency that this album has is its strongest facet, as the production by Metro Boomin’ makes this Halloween-influenced album feel as sentimental as Christmas does. It’s one of the best producing efforts I’ve ever heard, and certainly the most cinematic.

I try not to take for granted collaborative albums like these, because who knows how long these trill ass rappers will continue their care free ways. People get married, they have kids, and God forbid, they even turn Hollywood, so let’s enjoy these dudes as they remain their gritty selves.

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  1. You gave Darth Vader a 5/5 but you didn’t put it in your top 5 when the other songs had less than 5/5.

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