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Ray-J – Feeling Like Love (Ft. Kid Ink) (Review & Stream)


Ray-J and Kid Ink are madly in love, and somewhere in hell Teairra Marie is jealous.

Ray-J has been a new guy since getting married to Princess, opting to pay homage to his woman as opposed to recklessness when he makes music. On ‘Feeling Like Love’, he gets even mushier, as he talks about how much influence his boss lady has on how he moves these days. It’s a very deep song by the singer, especially considering that this n—a was as foolish as it gets at one time.

Kid Ink is a full blown crooner nowadays, providing us with a lot more R&B tracks than rap ones. Kid Ink’s part on this song is a good mix of both genres, as he echoes the sentiments Ray-J was speaking of on his verses.

I like the song, but something about it sounds a bit amateur to me…..


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