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Tyga – Tequilla Kisses (Review & Stream)

Tequilla kisses? Tyga, that s–t’s going to burn bro!

Tyga has really displayed some versatility as of late, showing no fear of harmonizing when he has to. On this song, he shows off his singing ability even more, as he serenades his woman with some expensively sentimental words.

Yes the Californian still raps on this song, but majority of it is centered around his very daring singing.

Tyga to his new girl:

Tyga: You can have whatever you want baby — here’s my credit card.

Girl: Why does the credit card say Kylie’s name on it?

Tyga: Oops, that’s the wrong one! I’ll be right back, I’m bout to grab the real credit card from my room….

Tyga jumps out the window and isn’t seen for months.


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