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Afro Jack & David Guetta – Dirty Sexy Money (Ft. Charli XCX & French Montana) (Review & Stream)

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How the hell did French Montana end up on a song like this?

I hate to say it, but this song is pretty damn hot folks! It kinda reminds me of a more electrifying ‘On My Mind’ by Ellie Goulding on the hook, while XCX’s bad ass lyrics on her verses are along the lines of what she typically brings to a song. All in all, ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ is a highly energetic pop tune that has the talented London singer all up in your personal space.

French Montana doesn’t make the song better, but he also doesn’t make it worse. His verse is centered around him being Charli XCX’s sugar daddy, as he spoils her with all the glamorous things she wants. I’m not sure how much Puff Daddy’s going to like that, but hey, the corporate card has no limits.

Charli XCX is on the bathroom floor of some billionaire’s house right now.



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