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Rich Chigga – Crisis (Ft. 21 Savage) (Review & Stream)

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Two of the biggest troublemakers from around the globe have released a song together. Donald Trump’s US diplomacy efforts are already working!

I never thought I would hear a club-ready track from Rich Chigga, but he might have one here with ‘Crisis’. Despite the song having this extravagant bop to it, content-wise, Chigga is being pretty humble on his verses, discussing his come up to rap fame. It’s a very unique approach, but one that non-thugs like myself can appreciate.

21 Savage has gotten better since he first came out. I feel like he rides beats more effectively, and he has this presence that jumps out at you on most of the songs he features on these days. On this particular collaboration, he provides Rich Chigga with something light, trading in his killing ways (For the most part) for some luxurious s–t.

Rich Chigga bout to troll his way to rap relevancy…..


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