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Salomon Faye – Live & Learn (Ft. J. Cole) (Review & Stream)

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Salomon Faye is the epitome of your ‘favorite rappers favorite rapper’, so it’s only right one of our ‘favorite rappers favorite rapper’ of all time helps him out for ‘Live & Learn’. 

This song is nothing short of great folks! Over this mellow ass instrumental, Salomon pours out his about a variety of things from his upbringing to his philosophies. His raps are as poetic as it gets, as he gives the listeners a brief glimpse into his way of thinking.

J. Cole is on the hook, and he gives us something pretty soulful. While short, his powerful words symbolize everything that Salomon is discussing on his verses. Would I have liked a verse from the NC spitter? Of course! But I think his little feature will do for now.

Welcome to The Ratings Game Salomon!


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