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Ty Dolla $ign & Future – Darkside (Ft. Kiiara) (Review & Stream)

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I had no intentions of watching Will Smith’s new movie ‘Bright’, but after hearing that the lead single for it features Ty and Future, I might just have the movie in the background while I clean my bathroom!

You know what’s funny? I can tell when a song was made for ‘Soundtrack’ purposes nowadays, cause those songs usually have this corny tone to it that is overly dramatic/theatrical. ‘Darkside’ follows that scheme, but since its Ty Dolla $ign and Future that are the lead artists, the sound actually fits them well. (I don’t want to hear Rich Homie Quan on songs like these)

I like Future, I like Ty, but it might be Kiiara that steals the show on this song! She shows great passion, and fits the direction of the song perfectly. How much you want to bet that both Future and Ty have no clue who she is, and was given this hook by Universal studios.


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