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Ski Mask The Slump God, Jay Critch & Lar$$en – Wassup Wit The Bag (Review & Stream)

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I’m keeping my eyes on these three…. Not only because they are up and comers in the game, but I feel like they could be the ones that stole my car.

Reckless n—as are on this song, so when I heard that debonair ass beginning to the song I was pretty confused…. Don’t worry, the beat eventually gets ratchetfied.

Each rapper does their thing on this song, finding a way to mesh three completely different styles together. While you may think that this song is simply three wild and crazy kids that came together on some crazy s–t, for the most part, each rapper provides some pretty good lyrical content on their verses.

If you like Busta Rhymes, if you like Migos, if you like A$AP Ferg, than you will truly enjoy this song.


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