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Anirish – Take What You Want (Review & Stream)

Anirish is a sensational musician that listeners need to really keep an eye on. Not only does she combine the energy of EDM with the explosiveness of pop music effectively, but she also instills this dose of soul into her music that makes her songs even more unique. With her newest single ‘Take What You Want’, not only does the singer create this infectious tune that we can all vibe with, but she also captures our hearts by pouring out her own. 

Every word that Anirish delivers contains some semblance of passion, which keeps the listeners fully engaged from start to finish. With the production following suit, you get this exceptional merging of two musical characteristics that truly create an experience for the listeners.

You can tell Anirish understands the importance of making the listeners feel her powerful words, because she delivers this spirited vocal performance that will give you major goosebumps. To say Anirish gave you your money’s worth on this song is an understatement



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