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Blue Apollo – Circles (Review & Stream)


The joyfulness displayed on ‘Circles’ will brighten up your day.

It’s easy to tell that Blue Apollo has this passion for their craft that is as strong as any other musical act out there. Whenever they make songs, you can tell they instill these true feelings into every word/instrumental they deliver, resulting in music that is both pure and authentic sounding. With ‘Circles’, Blue Apollo creates this heartfelt tune that is as catchy as it is beautiful, as lead singer Luke Nassar sings about the importance of working things out with that special someone. Not only will you love the free spirit that Luke sings with throughout this song, but I also think you’ll be engulfed in the great guitar play, infectious piano notes, and heavy-hitting drumming also.

If you are a huge fan of alternative music, you will love this song!



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