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Kieao – Stranger Thoughts (Review & Stream)


My favorite Electronic artist right now continues to hammer home some major hits, with his newest being a twist of everyone’s favorite show right now — ‘Stranger Things’! 

Kieao’s music is always high-powered, colorful, and hella unique — but with “Stranger Thoughts,” we can add out of this worldly to that lineup, too! With ‘Stranger Thoughts’, Kieao created this track that combines 80’s Synth-wave with a few elements from the music of today. It has so many different flavors to it, which ultimately makes you feel like you are listening to three different songs in one. It’s truly great music that will make you feel like Kieao will forever be the most artistic/smartest individual in any room he enters!

This song literally makes me want to binge watch both seasons of ‘Stranger Things’!



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