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Cam’ron – Dinner Time (Mase Diss) (Review & Stream)

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Cam vs. Mase, Vol. 2! 

As most of you know by now, Mase released a diss track called, ‘The Oracle’ on Black Friday — and much to my surprise, that s—t was pretty scathing! Well it only took Killa two days to reply, and his response is just as juicy!

Over this church inspired rap instrumental, Killa gets the exposing, bringing up a few things we already knew about Mase; and others that I probably wish I didn’t know (Mase really had a dildo, though?) While I can’t deny that the raps Killa is spitting is fire, I still think Mase’s diss record was a little more cringe-worthy. Is it cause Mase blindsided dude? Or Killa just ain’t take the disses serious enough? I’ma let y’all be the judge.



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