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Dave East & DJ Holiday – Karma (Mixtape Review)

Dave East might just be one of the hardest working rappers this year, as this week he released yet another project called, ‘Karma’. Do I anticipate it being the best thing since slice bread? No, but I do expect the bread to be shot at, stabbed, and possibly have some sorta drug dealer affiliation to its resume.




I know this is a Dave East Mixtape and all, but Lil Durk might have put up the best performance on it.

I was expecting some R&B music when I saw Lil Durk was featured on this song, but instead you get this fast tempo’d rap track that has both rappers talkin’ about running the streets without a fear in the world. Durk does sing quite a bit on the track, but in a way people in the hood can respect.

Dave East does no singing on his verse (Thank GOD), instead he raps with this fast flow that is perfect for the beat. Yea Dave raps about some gangsta s–t on his verse, but he does it in a way that sounds like he’s got his feet up.




This n—a is bold for starting his album off with some celebratory music.

I like a storytelling Dave East, but I think I like cocky him a little more. On ‘Legendary’, it feels like the Harlem rapper is simply keeping it real with his listeners, talking about his street ways in this gritty yet effortless way. With the beat already having this competitive vibe to it, you can tell Dave East wanted to make sure that every other rapper in his peripheral knew that the crown that he currently has isn’t in jeopardy.



Offset and Dave East might be two of the hottest in their respective cities right now.

I knew ‘Checc’ had the potential to be amazing lyrically, but I didn’t expect it to be smooth like this. On it, Dave East sorta drowns out in the vibes of the beat, rapping with this tongue twisting style. I think he does his thing on the hook, but on the verses I feel like there is way to much gibberish from him.

No matter how the beat sounds, you know Offset is going to try to dissect it like its Science class. While his verse is pretty ‘Meh’ to me, I can’t help but notice that the beat fits his style pretty well.

I f–ks with this song, but I definitely think it could’ve been better.



Forgot all that smiling s–t, Dave East comes out swinging on ‘Cut Throat’.

Whenever you give Dave East a deep ass beat like this, I feel like that MC in him comes out full force. Using this pretty fast flow, East lets the listeners know that he wrote the book on hustling, detailing the many ways he moves in the streets. So much is said on his verse that you probably need to read the lyrics on Ohhla to fully understand what he was actually talking about.

Usually when rappers black out like East did on this song it’s pretty useless, but instead you get some truthful bars that are pretty riveting from him.




This song is the epitome of a 2017 club record.

Dave East decides to keep it real about his flossin’ ways on this song, spending quite a bit of time talking about his cars, clothes and chains. Even though he kills his verse, I feel like this n—a is way to humble to be talking all that flossin’ s–t.

Chris Brown pours his heart out on yet another rap feature, which pretty much completes the clubbing vibe of the record. Ya’ll should know by now that anytime Chris raps with that robot voice that he’s going to kill s–t!

Kap G got a huge endorsement from Dave East with this feature, and he doesn’t disappoint at all! Even though his verse is a bit blurred, he does drop a verse that is amped up, trill, and perfect for the beat.

I literally forgot at one point that this was Dave East’s song.


1. LEGENDARY (4.3/5)

2. ENOUGH (3.8/5)

3. BENTLEY TRUCK (4.8/5)

4. WE NEVER ARGUE (3.9/5)

5. HOW YOU A GANGSTA (3.7/5)

6. CHECC (4.6/5)

7. DEVIL ON ME (4.5/5)

8. SALTY (4.5/5)


10. HATE BEING BROKE (3.7/5)

11. WE RIDIN’ (4.6/5)

12. CUT THROAT (4.8/5)

13. MILITANT (4.3/5)

14. TRENCHES (4.3/5)

15. MADE IT WORSE (4.1/5)

16. FEELING A WAY (4.1/5)




I know this sounds pretty dumb to say, but ‘Karma’ is one of the few Mixtape’s that actually remind me of the real definition of what a Mixtape is supposed to be: Street-inspired Hip Hop. Everything from the beats to the lyrical content follows that formula, making for a project that literally feels like it will sound better if you heard it on a bootleg CD.

Dave East has always been a great rapper to me, but I think the little bit of fame he has experienced has elevated his skills to another level. On this Mixtape, the Harlem rapper sounds even more like a veteran, being able to really shine whenever a song asks him to. It’s that next step I think is required for him to become even more worldwide than he is now, something that might be a blessing and a curse for his fanbase. Nonetheless, the Mixtape is enjoyable to listen to, and one that might have Harlem crowning a new poster boy for their borrough.

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