Fabolous & Jadakiss – Friday On Elm Street (Album Review)

It looks like the long overdue collaboration album between Jadakiss and Fabolous has finally made its way to the streets! While I am super excited about it, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that this project didn’t happen a couple years earlier. Nonetheless, both rappers have not lost a step in their solo careers, so I do expect fire!





‘Talk About it’ is an emotional track that allows both NY artists to speak about some real s–t that is going on nation-wide. There isn’t much focus on the punchlines here, just honest/truthful verses from both artists.

I loved both rappers verses on here, but how bout Teyana Taylor and her Grammy nominated performance on the hook! She should have 32 Grammys by now, so I’m baffled that she doesn’t even have one yet!


4. F & J INTRO

Yea I know this is an intro and all, but in my opinion, both artists are in mid-album form on this song.

With the project promising to bring back 90’s rap, the song starts off with Fabolous spitting over this ‘Bad Boy and the Family/Nightmare on Elm Street’ inspired instrumental. It’s a great concoction, and one that I’m sure Mase and or Freddy Kruger would kill back in the day.

The beat eventually changes to a slower paced one that is Friday the 13th inspired, and that is where Jada comes into the picture. Jada takes no prisoners on his verse, talking about a few heinous s–t that he would do to you if you cross his way. His part is gritty, but mainly horrific.

This song serves as the trailer for the album as a whole. Very integral to what they were trying to accomplish.



Fabolous and Jadakiss recruited Future for this club-ready track called ‘Stand Up’.

‘Stand Up’ is lyrical, has a wicked vibe to it, and features some powerful bars from both NY rappers. While I feel the song sounds a bit outdated, it still gets the job done when it comes to street rap records.

Future isn’t that special on this song to me…. I feel like you could’ve gotten any homeless man from off the street to rap his part. With that being said, it will still get the clubs poppin’ for sure.

You think this song is a little too basic sounding?




‘Ground Up’ is the type of track that only these two MC’s can make.

‘Ground Up’ is both trill and violent. Accompanied by a fast paced instrumental, both Jada and Fab drop nothing but heat on their respective verses. You can tell that they heard the beat and said: “We ain’t going to sing, we ain’t going to drop any gimmicky lyrics, we just gon speak exactly what the streets want to hear,” and listeners will respect that.




‘Theme Song’ is truly a collaboration between both artists. On it, both Fab and Jay spit over this smooth ass beat that Shaft will be extremely proud of. Initially, you might feel a bit disappointed that they didn’t decide to rap over a tougher beat, but once you settle down, you might realize this is one of the toughest tracks on the album.


1. F & J INTRO (4.7/5)

2. STAND BACK (4.2/5)

3. THEME MUSIC (5/5)

4. GROUND UP (4.7/5)

5. SOUL FOOD (4.6/5)


7. TALK ABOUT IT (4.7/5)

8. ALL ABOUT IT (4/5)

9. I PRAY (4.5/5)

10. ICE PICK (4.5/5)


12. STAND UP (REMIX) (4.4/5)




What a pleasant surprise this album was! I always knew the raps would be there, but I didn’t realize how much emphasis both artists would put on making a complete record from song to song. Not only is it the raps, the hooks, and the features, but it’s the topics they chose, it’s the versatility they show — it’s everything! Even though they might be a little past their prime, both artists really haven’t lost much of a step, as together they continue to show why their status in the game as legends is still one we need to respect.

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