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Lil Duke – Double (Ft. Offset) (Review & Stream)

Young Thug’s partner in crime, Lil Duke, decided to link up with Migos star, Offset, for ‘Double’. 

Offset has been running the rap game for a couple months now, and I think it’s because he’s able to drop these tough ass southern records like this one. There is something about the wicked beats he chooses to rap over, combined with the fast paced flows that he uses that has people going crazy these days. Lil Duke knows this, therefore he lets Offset do his thing for about 60% of this track. Towards the end, Duke does drop a pretty tough part, doing his best to keep up with the fast spitting Offset.

Check out Lil Duke’s Mixtape, ‘Uberman 2’ when you get a chance.



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