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Leah Cappelle – Docs (Review & Stream)

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Leah Capelle absolutely electrifies on the candid ‘Docs’.

Leah Capelle is an award-winning Singer/Songwriter that has a lot to brag about in her life, especially considering the fact that she learned how to play the piano at six, write songs at eight, and take professional voice lessons at ten (See her bio here). But when it is all said and done, Leah is just a simple individual like us that finds a few different ways to make ourselves feel better throughout the day. On ‘Docs’, the charming singer outlines her thought process when it comes to pepping herself up, which involves her finding the right clothes, moving her furniture around, and possibly getting a haircut. The track is as introspective as it gets, as Leah keeps it real about how she wants to be perceived by everyone around her. Not only are her lyrics phenomenal to me, but I also love the passion she shows throughout the colorful track.

I love the message that this song gives off.



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