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Lil Durk & Tee Grizzley – WhatYo City Like (Review & Stream)

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Another day, another collaboration album that we could see coming from a mile away.

Both Tee Grizzley and Lil Durk are two rappers that don’t do a bunch of smiling when they rap. However, their styles are pretty different, which makes their upcoming collaborative album even more interesting. In ‘WhatYo City Like’, both rappers are on the same page though, as they both rap with this aggressive tone that will make even the Lex Lugers of the world want to stay home. Violence after violence is all you get on this song, as each rapper tries to outdo the other with their claims of what they saw growing up in their respective cities.

I can honestly say that my city is neither Detroit or Chicago, but I can at least say we got a trampoline at the cities main park though!



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