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Charlie Puth – How Long (Remix) (Ft. French Montana) (Review & Stream)

I don’t know about putting French Montana on the remix to this song…. But then again, I wasn’t sure about having a fried egg in that burger I ate yesterday, and that joint ended up being bomb! 

‘How Long’ follows in the footsteps of the quirky pop music that Charlie Puth has been putting out lately, with the Peter Parker look-a-like playing this creepin’ ass dude that gets caught by his woman. With the song having this scandalous topic, Charlie approaches every line with this slyness, as he comes across as that dude that can finagle his way out of any trouble.

Now I know earlier I said that I probably wouldn’t have put French Montana on this song, and I said that mainly because I didn’t see how he meshed with Charlie’s style — However, content-wise, this is up his lane.

Lowkey, I love me some Charlie Puth music!



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