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Slim Thug – Kingz & Bosses (Review & Stream)


Slim Thug lets the world know that he hasn’t lost a step in ‘Kingz & Bosses’.

Slim Thug was the biggest boss in the game before Rick Ross took that title, so I’m not surprised that he continues to use that moniker in his songs. On his verse, he smoothly lays down his boss-oriented words, while putting whoever he needs to put in their place both quickly and effectively. I think his verse is vintage, and one that fits the laid backness of the beat perfectly.

Big KRIT has the second verse, and he adds a little more animation/passion into the track. Not only does he show us how to move like a boss, but he also shows us how to become one.

Between Scarface and Slim Thug’s recent s–t, I think I’m ready for a Houston takeover!



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