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Sky Orchid- The River (Review & Stream)

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When was the last time you heard two musicians with this much chemistry who also happen to be related? 

Sky Orchid, an alternative rock band hailing from Manhattan, Kansas, will tug at your heartstrings. Gabriel Traknyak, the lead vocalist and guitarist, and his brother Daniel Traknyak, the percussionist, make up the entirety of the band.  The dedicated and talented duo have been playing together for over ten years and created Sky Orchid in June 2015.

Their heartfelt ballad “The River” is featured on their EP “Oculus Vol. 1” which was released earlier this year in April. The vocals on this song really show off Gabriel’s ability to hold and carry a note beautifully. As the beat builds up, right before the chorus, so does the drama. This is the part of the song where the musical chemistry between the two brothers really shines.

Sky Orchid has gained popularity and fans at a faster rate than most rising musicians. You can catch them on over 80 college radio stations, bandcamp, or on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and YouTube.



2 thoughts on “Sky Orchid- The River (Review & Stream)

  1. Thank you for reviewing our single and for your beautiful words. We understand and respect the time and effort you’ve made for our music. We hope you keep writing as powerfully as you have.


    Gabriel & Daniel Traknyak

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