Juicy J – Rubba Band Business (Album Review)

Doesn’t it feel like we are forgetting about Juicy J’s impact on the game? I think his sound is a legendary one, and is critical to what hip hop has become today. Aside from that, Juicy has released some really solid projects these last couple of years, collaborating with some of the hottest in the game. With ‘Rubba Band Business’, I expect the same ol Juicy — one that isn’t afraid to both light one up and be the life of the party.




Did you think a song featuring G-O-D would not make my top 5? Lightning hurts!

How disrespectful is it that a song that features G-O-D talks about shooters, hoes, and money? If you are one of those people that are able to look past such blasphemy, you will enjoy the song for it’s anthem like feel, as Juicy raps with this boss-like demeanor that has him sounding like raps version of Suge Knight.

G-O-D actually kills this s–t, rapping with this start and stop flow that is highly dynamic. He definitely adds this youthfulness  to the song, one that makes it a lot more relatable to the people that doesn’t have money like myself.

I know GOD — the REAL GOD — We owe him 100 favors!


4. ON & ON

‘On & On’ is the last song on this album, and it features two of Canada’s hottest in Tory Lanez and Belly.

I like this song for its smooth feel, as Tory gives us a divine hook, Juicy gets all hood romantic, and Belly chooses to do lots of melodizing. They each give their respective takes on the women they prey on, sounding like they are prepared to blow it all for them. When it’s all said and done, the track is both sensual and top 40 ready.



Juicy, the streets have been fed already — we just need to find drinks for the scallywags now!

Both the hook and the instrumental is pretty simple on this song, but I think that’s typical when Three Six Mafia members Juicy J and Project Pat collaborate. In terms of their verses, they do rap with their own unique styles — one using this robotic sounding one (Juicy-J), and the other sounding like someone who is ready to gip you at a carnival (Project Pat). Together, they create that nostalgic deeply southern rooted music that they gave us in the 90’s.

A$AP Rocky has the last verse, and he proves to us that he could’ve easily been the 5th or 6th member of Three Six Mafia. As usual, he approaches the track with this slyness, giving us some pretty damn good wordplay throughout. His part is hot, but I don’t think good enough to get that long ass build up that it got.

This is probably Metro Boomin’s worse beat ever.



There is finally some trap wedding music being created! Baby, we can finally get married now!

My body is conflicted right now: The beat to this song is nice and gentle, but the lyrics are so reckless! Anyway, Juicy gives us this very appealing contribution here, rapping some of the realest s–t you will hear in music today. When it’s all said and done, you will be convinced that this is one of Juicy J’s most dynamic songs on this album.

You knew Offset can do some work once you heard the beat drop, and he absolutely does! The way he’s flows on this s–t is stupendous, and he rides the beat like no other too. On the real, when will we give Migos their proper credit for killin’ s–t?

I like Offset in wedding trap songs like this!



I got all 5 of my ones ready for this strip club anthem!

Juicy J is the strip club king, and he proved to us all that his ranking at the top won’t change anytime soon. Over this fast tempo instrumental, the ‘Band A Make Her Dance’ creator toys with the beat, sorta how he toys with his strippers. Overall, it’s a verse that is perfect for the tracks vibes.

Ty and Wiz are featured on this song, and they both add phenomenal contributions. Ty gives us this spirited hook, while Wiz slays the beat with his confident/aggressive bars. Both artists take the song to another level, which means Juicy got his money worth featuring them for sure.

This song better get a lot of burn in the clubs!




3. COUPLE (4/5)

3. BUCKETS (3.8/5)


5. DROP A BAG (4.3/5)

6. TOO MANY (3.8/5)

7. AIN’T NOTHIN’ (5/5)

8. FLOOD WATCH (5/5)

9. ONLY ONE UP (3.4/5)

10. HOT AS HELL (4/5)

11. NO ENGLISH (4/5)

12. ON & ON (4.8/5)




On the intro to this album, some random dude talks about how much Juicy has changed in the last couple of years, which you can argue for days whether or not is true. But when it comes to his music, I think he is that same ol dude from Memphis, Tennessee that knows how to get whatever room he is in ratchet! There is no turn down when it comes to Juicy on this album, as he continues to live life on the edge.

I don’t know which one is better on this album, the production or the features. Both are explosive, and cater to Juicy’s style perfectly. You can tell the people that work with Juicy on songs has this respect for him, which translates to the musics refreshingly organic feel.

The best word to describe this album is consistent. It flows really well, literally feeling like it flies by when you hear it in its entirety. Juicy doesn’t deviate from what he does best on it, something Juicy J fans will appreciate. For those who aren’t his fans, you will still enjoy it, as it does mimic majority of the hip hop music you hear today. All in all, the trippy king delivers once again in ‘Rubba Band Business’, as he continues to fly under the radar when it comes to galvanizing hip hop fans everywhere.

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