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Quality Control- Control The Streets: Volume 1 (Album Review)


When I first came across a song credited “Quality Control, Migos,” I assumed Quality Control was a new artist the Migos were helping gain exposure. However, as the song went on I was only able to pick out the rapping styles of the three Migos. What gives? For those of you wondering the same, Quality Control Music is an Atlanta-based record label. Their artists include Migos, OG Maco, Jose Guapo, Rich The Kid, Jayaire Woods, Young Greatness, and many more. 




Just by reading the names of the artists featured on “My Dawg”, I knew it would be a hit! Lil Baby, Kodak Black, Quavo, and Moneybagg Yo pass the mic back and forth with ease on this track. They switch flows and complement one another without a hitch.

Lil Baby had previously released this track with no features, however, the remix is fire. Quavo has the strongest verse with his signature sing-song delivery and adlibs. Moneybagg Yo comes in as a close second, and Lil Baby on the chorus just completes the song. Personally, I thought Kodak Black had the weakest verse out of the lineup.

This song is surprisingly chill given the names listed on the credits, and it works out beautifully.



Marlo is not an artist that I was familiar with before listening to this project. This is a shame because the man is immensely talented!

“Live Like Dis” has no featured artist, only Marlo. His flow is smooth and so is the beat.  Content-wise,Marlo raps about his life in the dope game and in the streets. You can tell by his lyrics and his delivery that he is not bluffing for clout and has actually lived this life.

At certain points in this song, Marlo reminds me of the “Jugg King,” Young Scooter. Be on the lookout for Marlo, he is not one to be slept on.


3. ON ME

“On Me” is the first song I heard off of Control The Streets Volume 1, and after giving the whole album a couple of listens, it is still one of my favorites. As a huge Young Thug fan I am so relieved that his only feature on the album isn’t a flop!

Lil Yachty maintains his happy-go-lucky persona throughout this track. I think it’s safe to say that Yachty and Young Thug are both great artists to have on a hook and on a song together. My favorite line is Yachty’s opening line, “Country Thomas made Billy a promise, say he never let a b*tch divide their commas.” I love this line because it’s directly referencing Young Thug’s song,”Family Don’t Matter” where he says: “Country Billy made a couple milly, tryna park the Rolls Royce inside the Piccadilly.”

It’s apparent these two artists have fun recording together and actually listen to one another’s music. Let’s hope they keep working together and give us some more heat.



I heard Khia’s voice and immediately knew this song was going in the top 5. Ladies and gentlemen, issa bop. This is how you sample “My Neck My Back.”

City Girls are my new favorite girl group. This is what has been missing from the rap scene. Afer listening to 24 tracks, where the only female voices are Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, it was so refreshing to come across this unique all-girl rap group! Props to Quality Control for finding and signing City Girls.

Fu*k Dat Ni**a really takes this compilation album to another level. Their whole vibe is reminiscent of Crime Mob’s Princess meets Lil Kim with a little bit of Khia mixed in, and I’m in love. Most people (non-ATLiens) listening to this album probably aren’t expecting to come across City Girls. Hopefully this one makes it onto their daily jams playlist too!



Lil Yachty and Ty Dolla $ign outdid themselves with this track.

“Movin’ Up” is likely to be the most mainstream song on the album. I can definitely see this being played all over the radio very soon.

Both Lil Yachty and Ty Dolla $ign generally have a knack for making and perfecting upbeat feel-good music, and this song is no different. The chorus is repetitive enough to get stuck in your head, but not so much that it takes over the entire song. I can’t get enough of this one!


1. INTRO (4/5)
2. POP SHIT (3.5/5)
3. ICE TRAY (4.5/5)
5. HELLCAT (4.5/5)
6. UM YEA (5/5)
7. WE THE ONES (5/5)
8. MENACE (5/5)
9. MY DAWG (5/5)
10. WHAT IT DO (4/5)
12. SOUTH AFRICA (5/5)
13. THE LOAD (5/5)
14. SIDES (5/5)
15. INTERVIEW (5/5)
16. INTERLUDE (5/5)
17. BOSSES DON’T SPEAK (4.5/5)
18. HOLIDAY (5/5)
19. THICK & PRETTY (3.5/5)
20. SHE FOR KEEPS (4.5/5)
21. MOVIN’ UP (5/5)
22. SPACE CADET (4.8/5)
23. HOOK UP (5/5)
25. FUCK DAT NIGGA (5/5)
26. TOO HOTTY (5/5)
28. ON ME (5/5)
30. LIVE LIKE DIS (5/5)




Choosing five songs out of 30 incredible tracks for my “Top Five” was a true challenge! Aside from the artists signed to Quality Control Music, this album featured the majority of the hottest rappers out right now. From Young Thug to Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, Lil Yachty, Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black, Cardi B and more.

Some personal favorites that deserve an honorable mention but did not make it to the “Top 5” are: Too Hotty, Um Yea, The Load, Sides, Interview, Holiday, She For Keeps, and Space Cadet. This album is littered with gems and it’s also somewhat of a rarity to come across a compilation album with this many hot songs. It was nice to discover some new artists through this album. I will definitely be waiting to hear more from City Girls, they blew me away. This project will put a lot of people on to Marlo, Lil Baby, and Moneybagg Yo as well.

Quality Control Music is following in the footsteps of Young Money Entertainment, Rich Gang, and other labels that release albums featuring many (if not all) of their signed roster. “Control The Streets Volume 1” is an album that has great replay value, as with each listen, I had found a new favorite, and that keeps me coming back to it again and again.

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