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Rhett Repko – And I Told Her So (Live) (Review & Stream)

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Explosive guitar play, heavy hitting drums, and lots of energy dominate this infectious tune titled, ‘And I told her So’

Though classified as Rock, I feel like ‘And I Told Her So’ is groovy enough to attract a universal audience. Accompanied by this united band, Rhett grabs a strangle hold of the track by singing with this nifty style throughout. With his words being focused on brutal honesty when it comes to love, you get this very hoppy performance from Rhett that sorta embodies the rollercoaster feelings you get whenever you talk to that one individual that you want like right now.

I think it’s the intangibles that stick out the most on this song. Yes Rhett’s words are appealing, but I think it’s his ability to make those words come alive that sticks out to me. Rhett, she isn’t for ya if she doesn’t fall for you after this one!



One thought on “Rhett Repko – And I Told Her So (Live) (Review & Stream)

  1. Thanks so much for the review! I loved that tip at the end and I’ll be sure to remember it haha. Thanks again. With love. <3

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