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Lynne Taylor Donovan – Dear Santa (Review & Stream)


Lynne Taylor Donovan spreads holiday cheer and good tidings with her new Christmas single “Dear Santa.”

You may have heard her song “Talk To Me,” which was the number one hit in Italy and one of the top 10 hits all over Europe and Australia in 2017. These days the world-renowned Canadian Country music singer is dabbling in the holiday music scene, and it’s pure gold!

You can hardly ever go wrong with Christmas music, and “Dear Santa” is no exception. In her latest single, Lynne Taylor Donovan asks Santa for “a little love and light”, and prays for “peace for children on this Christmas Day.” The message of this song could not be more fitting for the current state of the world, as she passionately lays down these words centered around peace, love, and light for the holiday season!



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