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Gucci Mane – El Gato The Human Glacier (Album Review)

Gucci Mane’s 197th project of 2017 might be his most random. ‘El Gato The Human Glacier’ is its bizarre name, and the album artwork looks like it was made on Windows Paint. But think about it — a raw version of Gucci might be the best version of Gucci. While I enjoy the fact that he’s collaborated with some of the best in the music industry for the last two years, I grew up on that Gucci Mane that didn’t give a s—t who he worked with. With that being said, don’t be surprised if I consider this album his best of 2017. 




5. TYT

Did you know ‘TYT’ stands for ‘Thick Young Tender’? Why does that sound like a style of chicken you can get at Popeyes?

Strip club goers will soak up this song like a sponge! Not only does it have this sound that is perfect for a big booty ratchet to twerk to, but it also has those ‘hood-flavored’ charming words that will make the aspiring black Chyna’s of the world wave your tipping transaction fees.

Strippers get more love than Jesus these days.




So let me get this straight: Gucci can talk about peeping out the window like a paranoid old lady and it’s fine with you so-called gangstas?

This track is as action packed as it gets! It has this riveting instrumental attached to it, lots of gun talk, and the protagonist facing some pretty slim odds to make it out alive. I can easily see this song inspiring a Vin Diesel movie!

You know what’s funny? I think the best version of Gucci is when he’s paranoid. Something about the paranoid Gucci gives us the best melodies, and he also comes across as the realest on these songs. Despite 900 n—-as standing outside ready to take him out, he still manages to sound trill, something that is both dope and highly unrealistic.




‘Rich Ass Junkie’ epitomizes everything Gucci has been for the last 15 years.

‘Rich Ass Junkie’ has a very catchy sound to it, one that I think Gucci Mane excels in.

Over this glistening trap beat, Gucci hits us with this nursery rhyme flow that has him sounding like the bando version of Big Bird from Sesame Street.

I can’t tell if Gucci is bragging or talking about how much it’s a shame that he has to serve junkies: Either way, Charlie Sheen should feel insulted.



2. SFX

Hip hop is so wrapped up in drugs these days that I’m sure experiencing side effects has become just as normal as waking up with bad breath in the morning.

I love the energy ‘SFX’ has! On it, Gucci raps with this pep to his step, as he has fun finding ways to associate the idea of having side effects with some s—t that is currently happening in his life. As you would expect, the song is very cocky, and has Guwop laughing at us as we fail at trying to be him.




’Smiling In a Drought’ is probably Gucci’s most lyrical song on this album. While he puts huge emphasis on being this n—-a that is too successful to be effected by a drought, he does also open up about how he got to be successful and his mindset after a few unfortunate events happened in his life. In other words, the song is arrogant but also a bit introspective too (OK, that’s a stretch). In terms of the intangibles, I like the fact that he uses a few different flows on his raps, and find the tracks hook to be highly infectious.


1. RICH ASS JUNKIE (4.5/5)


3. DICK RIDERS (4/5)

4. MALL (4.4/5)

5. SIDE EFX (5/5)

6. TYT (4.5/5)

7. SEASICK (4/5)


9. EL GATO’S REVENGE (4.7/5)

10. STREP THROAT (4/5)





Believe it or not, I enjoyed this Gucci Mane album more than any other Gucci project that released this year! On this project, Gucci stripped all the luxury off of his persona, kept the big name producers and features home, and decided to provide us with 11 tracks that sound like they were made in the trap house from start to finish. Now I know that means that the quality of music may not be the best, but you can’t help but have flashbacks to the Gucci we all came to love in the past listening to it. There is no clear cut singles, no positive messages, no love songs, just a couple of tough ass tracks that is just as hard as what he’s moving at his part time job.

I love how the first paragraph flowed so much that I forgot to add that the melodies and hooks on this album are phenomenal! On top of that, the production is very consistent (All the songs are produced by Southside). Trust me on this, the album is hot! Ok I’m gone now!

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