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MikeRenell – Grace (Review & Stream)

MikeRenell is one of the most talented Christian rappers in the game, one that doesn’t mind giving us his piece of mind through some great wordplay and formidable flows.

In his debut album, ‘Exposed’, MikeRenell looks to tackle some of life’s most difficult topics, drawing listeners in through some pretty wise words. The lead single off of the album is titled, ‘Grace’, and it features Mike rapping aggressively over this pretty somber trap beat. Not only is the track soul-clinching as a whole, but it also has a couple of mind-numbing lyrics that will have you reevaluating everything around you.

Make sure to be on the look out for the album in 2018, and follow him and the rest of the ‘Show Me Christ Artists’ at  www.showmechristrecords.com for all the latest news, events, music, and apparel.



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