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Jazzgroupiez – Millinaissance EP (Review)

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Everybody needs a little bit of Jazz in their life, right?

Since 2013, Jazzgroupiez has provided us with some of the most dynamic Jazz music to-date, mixing in traditional sounds with modern day sounds adequately. With their new EP titled, Millinaissance, Jazzgroupiez provides listeners with five unique tracks that will ultimately convince you that Jazz is the new black!




1. ST. LOUIS (5/5)

It’s fitting that the Millinaissance EP starts off with a song titled ‘St. Louis,’ because it embodies both the soul and musical spirit that the largest city in Missouri stands for.

Driven by glaring piano notes and heavy hitting drums, the soul oozes through your body throughout the songs duration, providing both this infectious bop and youthful energy. Additionally, it’s relaxing tone screams out “run me back”, as its abrupt ending will have you craving for more.

This song is a lot more than just Jazz music to me — It’s Rhythm and Blues, it’s Neo-Soul, it’s a culmination of all forms of urban music fit into one.


2. SO CAL (5/5)

Warning: ‘So Cal’ will put you in one of the most soothing moods you’ve ever experienced in your life. I do not recommend listening to it with less than 3 hours of sleep.

‘So Cal’ doesn’t have any bombastic elements associated to it, it simply has a straightforward drum pattern accompanied by this soulful backdrop. When it’s all said and done, the song pretty much feels like massage therapy for your earbuds, as it finds a way to relinquish any stress you have hidden in your mind, body, and soul.

Jazz in its purest form is a beautiful thing to listen to.


3. NO-CHI-NY (5/5)

‘NO-CHI-NY’ is the first single off of this EP, and it is the perfect introduction for new fans of Jazzgroupiez.

Inspired by New Orleans Jazz from the 1800’s, Chicago Jazz from the 1920’s, and today’s jazz from New York City, ‘NO-CHI-NY’ gives off this nostalgic feel that promotes both prosperity and happiness. Not only is the song deeply rooted, but it’s also proud of its deep roots and is unafraid to show it with every single note that is laid down!


4. U (5/5)

‘U’ is probably the heaviest hitting/dynamic track on this EP.

Powered by this herky-jerky rhythm, ‘U’ takes you on the musical version of a roller coaster ride, reminding you of your childhood days at the amusement park.

Despite U’s erratic roots, the Jazz portion of the song does a great job of keeping up with its zig zag nature. It sorta reminds me of a Rodeo who manages to stay put on their bull while the aggressive animal tries its best to fling you off of it’s back.


5. BOUNCE (5/5)

‘Bounce’ takes full advantage of its hip hop roots, establishing a sound that is catered for dance clubs everywhere!

Inspired by both New Orleans Jazz and Bounce music, Bounce’s roots consists of a few build ups and a lot of bass, while the incorporation of the saxophone ends up playing the perfect cherry on top. All in all, it’s a song that is capable of crossing genres with ease, as it relies in its electric nature.

This song will be featured on the vinly release of this EP, scheduled to make it into stores Mid-February.




These days when people think of Jazz music they tend to assume that it should only have a soothing vibe attached to it. On this EP, not only do you get those soothing vibes, but the group also finds a way to incorporate this dose of vivaciousness into their tracks that mimics the popular music of today. I feel Jazzgroupiez found a way to blend in both styles of music masterfully, making for this sound I find highly entertaining! Whether it’s the herky jerkiness of a song like ‘U’, or the electricity from a song like ‘Bounce’, you are always given this boost of energy when the track plays, keeping your heart racing from start to finish.

I can honestly say that every song on this ‘Millinaissance EP ‘ talked directly to me while I was listening to it. It understood my moods when it was at is highest, and knew what to say to me when my mood was at its lowest. Ironically, there is no words being spoken on this EP, but the excellence that the group played their variety of instruments with provided more talking than any vocalist could do for me. I know my claims of Jazz music essentially contributing spousal-like support sounds a bit insane, but as a listener, I feel like music should take you to those places. We should all appreciate music that comes across as a personal experience just as much as a pastime, and that is exactly what you get in this four track EP. Great work, Jazz Groupiez!

Make sure you check out the full album HERE!

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