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Lil Wayne – Family Feud (Ft. Drake) (Review & Stream)

Ironically, Wayne and Drake prove the Young Money family aren’t feuding on ‘Family Feud’.

Drake and Wayne have been catering to different types of audiences this year, never really getting a chance to cross paths all that much. All that changed today, as by the very end of the year they decide to collaborate on a remix to Jay’s ‘Family Feud’.

Drake focuses on his ability to unite on his verse, calling a semi-truce to Meek Mill, discussing his willingness to pay Weezy everything he’s owed from the music executives, and even detailing conversations he had with both Kaepernick and Diddy in the last couple of days. I guess Drake went into Urkels transformation chamber and came out Minister Farrakhan.

Wayne focuses more on wordplay on his verse, rhyming with the same syllable over and over again. I wouldn’t say he had a better verse than Drake, but I will say he had a more talented one.

We gotta free Carter 5 man! I need to hear 15 or 16 songs with this type of quality.



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