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Dizzy Wright – Peace To The Land (Ft. Jarren Benton, Audio Push, Demrick, Emilio Rojas & Reezy) (Review & Stream)

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How dope would it be if the Cleveland Cavaliers used this track as their fight song?

They simply do not make music like this anymore. I get this vintage feel when I hear this track, almost reminding me of those songs from the 90’s in which a whole bunch of rappers got together to promote peace and unity. While those songs had heavy weights featured on it, this song has a bunch of up and comers featured instead, and they sound hella hungry, as they unapologetically let America know that s–t ain’t all fine in their point of view.

Somehow Dizzy Wright was able to squeeze seven n—as into this song despite it only being three minutes long. Talk about efficient.



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