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Reese La Flare – They Don’t (Ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR) (Review & Stream)

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PARTYNEXTDOOR’s legend continues to grow, and I have no clue why.

Let’s keep it real: PARTYNEXTDOOR stole the show on this song! His passion and soul compliments the songs instrumental perfectly, as he continues to hold slumber parties revolving around some girl that did him dirty for the 352nd time. PARTY’s part is meant to come across as relatable to all the real dudes out there, and I think that’s why you’ll like it.

Reese LaFlare definitely does his thing on the track, starting off mumble rapping, but then ultimately showcasing his ability to drop a few gentle bars here and there (in addition to doing some harmonizing.). His part is the best example of an ‘Insert Rapper’ contribution you will ever here in your life.

This song is very solid.



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