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Eminem – Chloraseptic (Ft. 2 Chainz & Phresher) (Review & Stream)

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So this was the song that 2 Chainz and Eminem worked on in the past….

On Eminem’s latest (not so great) album (Re-whatever it’s called), he had one kill-a-rapper track that stood out to me: “Chloraseptic”. It featured our guy Phresher, and had Eminem somewhat rapping like the dudes of today. When I first heard it, I wondered what the influence was for this style of music, and today I find out that there was a chance that this influence came from Chainz. On this remix to the hyped up hit, 2 Chainz goes absolutely bananas, probably hitting you with his best verse of all time! He gives you some phenomenal punchlines, he sounds extra competitive, and he limits the nonsense s–t he usually says. It’s definitely a verse that will have you looking at the Hair Weave Killa differently.

Phresher has the second verse on this song, and I can care less about anything he’s saying on it.

Eminem absolutely spazzes on his verse, aiming vitriol  at all the critics (Including Joe Budden) who claimed “Re-what’s it called” was trash. It’s the version of Slim Shady we should all be afraid of, especially if you are a mumble rapper.

Duo album between both rappers? I would like that!



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