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Tony Marino – Monk Island (Review & Stream)

Tony Marino’s music has reminded me that I deserve a vacation!

Tony Marino is no stranger to Latin Jazz, having over 20 years of experience releasing music in that genre. Something I find the most interesting about the music that Tony Marino has released in the past is that he seems to dedicate music to a variety of people throughout his career. Even though none of these people are me, I do feel like “Monk Island” talks directly to the island island version of myself! Combining a variation of instruments, Tony Marino makes Latin music come alive, creating this colorful, exuberant, and electric tune that provides nothing but good vibrations from start to finish. When it’s all said and done, the Latin roots that you hear in the song isn’t only heard, it’s felt through every bone in your body.

I’m currently on the phone with my friends — I suddenly have the urge to convince them to go to South Beach with me!



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