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Toni Braxton – Heart Away (Ft. Birdman) (Review & Stream)

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Looks like Toni Braxton and Birdman’s relationship is stronger than ever even after 15 years.

On my review of Mary J. Blige’s new track, “Bounce Back 2.0,” I said I hate when R&B singers from yesteryear try to make songs that try to mimic what is on the radio today. Welp, Toni didn’t get the memo, because she decided to create a track that I think is catered for someone like Jhene Aiko. She sounds out of place, almost sounding too good for the childish elements of the song. Nonetheless, her voice still sounds pretty amazing after all these years, as she displays some pretty good vocal ranges on her verses.

Birdman needs to stop rapping, ASAP! That’s really all I have to say, no point in breaking down his part.

Ain’t nothing like hearing 50-something year old lovers talking about love! <3





One thought on “Toni Braxton – Heart Away (Ft. Birdman) (Review & Stream)

  1. Whoa great voice from Toni Braxton Heart away at 50,so good to hear artist play in the game so well 👏,what’s left is to promote the song

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