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Young Thug – MLK (Ft. Trouble & Shad Da God) (Review & Stream)

A bunch of violent individuals pay homage to one of the most non-violent individuals in this world’s history.

As ignorant as the content on this song may be at times, I think it’s overall musicality is pretty dope! Over this gospel-like instrumental, Thugger gives us something phenomenal, as he sings about how he was fortunate enough to live out all of his dreams these last couple of years. The melody he uses is super infectious, and one that Mr. King will be proud of.

Trouble and Shad Da God share a verse at the end, and they make the song feel a little more gritty. Their parts aren’t necessarily needed, but I think it still fits.

I like this song quite a bit, but that MLK Birthday song might still edge it out as best homage track of all time.



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