Hip Hop

Ratings Game Album Reviews: (The Rest Of The Pack): 01/09/17 – 01/15/17

Just a couple of albums I didn’t get a chance to fully review.



Look at that belly, folks! Chop literally looks like the rogue cashier at a shady mechanic shop on this front cover. Anyway, it seems as though Chop has made the complete transformation from super producer to legit rap artist, because he does a lot of spitting on this album. No his lyrics aren’t spectacular, but I think they are at least good enough to keep you entertained. Additionally, the album has a lot of smooth tracks on it, as for some odd reason Chop believes he’s the second coming of Keith Sweat for majority of the songs. With that being said, don’t take this album too seriously, enjoy it for its dope beats, catchy melodies & explosive features.


The legend of Lil Skies continues to manifest itself, as hip hop fans everywhere are beginning to take note of the colorful rappers music. On his newest effort, “Life of a Dark Rose,” Skies gives us a full body of work that revolves around his drug dealing past, partying ways, and love for irresponsible women. In all honesty, Lil Skies kills s–t on this album, rapping with this style that is both confident and masterly. If you like Mac Miller, you will enjoy this more troubled version of Mac on this 14 track album.


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