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Fetty Wap – FMF (For My Fans 3) (Album Review)


I was told by my friend that this Fetty Wap project was one of his best to date. I thought that was hard to believe at first, but then I thought about it… Fetty had several hits back in his hay day, having an ear for music that I thought was pretty underrated… So why not give this album a try? Well I did, and my time and effort was at stake.




Monty and Fetty are day 1’s, which usually means when they collaborate they have pretty good chemistry.

‘Text Me” has this rap ‘buddy buddy’ feel to it, as Fetty and Monty go back and forth about some chick that they probably want to finagle. While Fetty is trying harder than ever to get her, Monty is more on the chill side with his approach.

These two are always talking about some phone s–t. What happened to a good ol fashion ‘face to face’ meeting?




OK Fetty! I like the gentle nature of this track. (It actually reminds me of some children’s book s–t) Unfortunately, content-wise, he’s talking about putting his James Johnson all up in a strippers tummy (parental discretion advised), so it’s definitely not some children’s book s–t. I like the track, though, mainly because he’s teaching thugs how to love, no matter if it’s a stripper or not.




Sean Garrett is one of only a few features on this project (that’s very random).

“You Don’t Know” is smooth, it’s pretty precise in its message, and it’s got some decent melodies. Even though we can probably rap better than Fetty does on his verse, I think the dumbed down approach he uses on the song actually fits.

My favorite Ninja Turtle, (Sean Garrett) absolutely kills this track! It’s a very brash approach he takes on it, but hey, you got to go reckless for reckless when you’re on a Fetty Wap song.

I wouldn’t mind hearing this s–t in the club.



2. P.T.S.A.

P.T.S.A. is like the Fetty Wap version of ‘Magnolia’: It has that same herky jerky instrumental, and sorta has Fetty rapping with the same flow as Carti. The only difference between Carti and Fetty on this version is that the NJ rapper sings his ass off on the track. I f–ks with it, though, because he literally made the song come alive simply off of effort.

I swear, songs like these make me think Fetty Wap is a beast at karaoke.




‘Could You Believe It’ has that energy that we need from Fetty! On it, he takes his singing to another level, as he discusses his rise to the top through hard work and lots of support. It’s definitely one of Fetty’s more inspirational tracks to date.


1. START IT UP (4.5/5)


3. LOVE THE WAY (3.9/5)

4. FEELS RIGHT (3.5/5)

5. NOBODY ELSE (3.4/5)

6. YOU DON’T KNOW ME (4.7/5)

7. INTO HER (3.4/5)

8. P.T.S.A. (4.8/5)

9. YOMI (3/5)

10. TEXT ME (4.5/5)

11. ABOUT YOU (2.9/5)

12. LOTTO (2.7/5)




This album is very solid. Believe it or not, it’s pretty romantic (I know the n—a has some dusty dreads and one eye, but trust me, it’s romantic), as Fetty focuses mainly on spoiling strippers and down ass chicks from track to track. The tone of the records are probably more romantic sounding then the lyrics, which means it’s up to you whether or not you will feel it.

In my opinion, Fetty Wap is no longer unique in the rap game. Everybody in the rap game sings now, and most likely they do it better than Fetty. But I will say this: He does still give us some pretty good effort from song to song, coming up with infectious melodies and daring harmonies throughout.

I think there is a place for Fetty in this industry — I just think he needs a little bit more fine tuning in his approach. This album was a good start, though!

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