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Flood County – Most Of The Time (Review & Stream)

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Flood County reminds us all how galvanizing an Americana track can be on your soul.

Flood County are a duo from Sebastopol, CA that has taken the art of Country music to the next level! With their newest album, “We’ll Be Fine,” the duo looks to win over even more fans using this organic approach content-wise. One of the standouts from this album is the warm and fuzzy “Most of the Time,” a gem that reminds me of one of those vintage tunes that promoted peace while getting people onto the dance floor in whatever room it was played in.

Not only do I love the tempo attached to the instrumental of this song, but I also love the sentimental lyrics that both artists deliver on their verses. Additionally, I am impressed with the chemistry between both artists, as they come across as united from start to finish. To top it off, when you add the phenomenal instrument-play to the conversation, you will believe “Most of The Time” is one of the more gratifying tracks you would hear today.



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