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Jesse And The Wolf – Selecta (Ft. Juelz Santana, Ghostface Killah & Telli) (Review & Stream)

Why does the combination of artists brought together on this song remind me of a ghetto Wizard of Oz on paper?

This song would be perfect for a “Fast and Furious” soundtrack! It has this explosiveness to it that I would love to see Vin Diesel get his ass kicked to. Rapper-wise, Juelz and Ghost do their thing on this track, caring less to come across as n—as that girls don’t want to bring home to their parents. Aside from that, their sounds are unique for the electricity of the beat.

I say “Aye” to my girl just like Juelz Santana when she attempts to fall asleep on me.. “Aye! the hell you think you doing being tired at a time most Americans are tired?”


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