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Kodak Black – Broward Paradise (Ft. John Wicks & JackBoy) (Review & Stream)

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Kodak Black and his homies do some reminiscing on “Broward Paradise.”

As I said previously, Kodak picks some of the best beats in hip hop, and “Broward Paradise” is yet another great example! Not only is the s–t smooth, but it also has a little knock to it.

Content-wise, Kodak shines, as he vividly describes how it was growing up around his way. Unfortunately, voice-wise, he sounds like a n—a that is trying to rap while sinking in some toilet water. To his defense, he was only 18 at the time the track was made, so maybe his puberty was acting up that day?

John Wicks and JackBoy add that gutter feel to the track, with Wicks sounding like a club bouncer and the latter making several references to drug dealing. Are they needed on the track? Probably not, but I’m sure their hoods appreciate them being on the song.

The song had potential….



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