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Sage The Gemini – Pull Over (Ft. Trina) (Review & Stream)

I still love me some Trina, dawg!

In the unlikeliest of unlikely collaboration news, Trina (aka The Baddest B-tch) and Sage The Gemini decided to link up for this club banger titled, “Pull Over.” On it, Sage gives us something super catchy, pumping the alert-heavy instrumental with nothing but flossy words. Is his part bando-ready? Probably not, but I think it’s definitely “I don’t feel like working out today, so I need some motivational music” ready!

Trina can still spit bars, evidenced by her verse here. Surprisingly, she still sounds ratchet, and can turn me on at the split of a second.

I can get jiggy with this s–t!



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