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Nine Beats Collective – Call Em’ Out (Review & Stream)

The motivational “Call Em Out” is the perfect boost you need to start your day! 

Eric Leroy Wilson does it all: From playrighting, to poetry, to even dishing out life lessons to folks. With such credentials, Wilson is more than qualified to grab a hold of our psyche, and what better opportunity to do this on then a riveting instrumental like the one you get from Nine Beats Collective?

On the verses of this song, the award-winning Wilson gives us this impassioned poem that revolves around self-motivation and empowerment. You will love the energy that he speaks with, as he practically lets the listeners know that he’s truly invested in their frame of mind. The energy level rises as the song goes on, resulting in your heart rate increasing each step of the way. It’s truly a mental workout for 2 minutes and 11 seconds.

Anyone else feel like they can fight a lion after listening to this song?



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