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2 Chainz – The Play That Don’t Care Who Makes It (Album Review)


Would you look at that, 2 Chainz (Aka Tity Boi) dropped a surprise EP today! It’s only 4 songs, but with the energy level that 2 Chainz is capable of coming with, I can see this project feeling like a full length feature. With that being said, lets try to figure out what the hell 2 Chainz is talking about in the poorly titled, “The Play That Don’t Care Who Makes it!”

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1. OK B**TCH (4.5/5)

“OK B***CH” is that legendary trap song that 2 Chainz was born to make! Accompanied by this riveting trap beat, 2 Chainz goes back and forth between creepy rap guy and beligerent MC. A good chunk of the song has Chainz going at people’s necks, but a few other times he sprinkles in a few goofy lines like owning a poodles and s–t. Nonetheless, “OK B***CH,” the songs intro, is a perfect reminder to listeners of what Chainz is all about.




“Land of the Freaks” is a dynamic ass song! I feels like it combines every sound that 2 Chainz does well — from amped up club s–t, to bando s–t, to even flossy s–t, too! The best part of the track, however, is the animation that he raps with on the song. I feel like Chainz was determined to make his words soak in with listeners throughout his verses, something that I think 2 Chainz and non-2 Chainz fans will love.



3. PROUD (4/5)

There is some serious hood s–t on this EP, but none of the tracks are tough like this one. With Chainz getting both YG and Offset to drop verses on this song, he made sure there wasn’t an inch of smiling on his part — opting to discuss his hunger, grind, and determination to make it to the top, instead. I love 2 Chainz when he spits like this.

YG is the goon of all goons, and on his verse he sounds like he’s one wrong stare away from slapping the hell out of everyone in the world. Not only does he talk about his thuggish ways on his part, but he also lets the world know that we shouldn’t disrespect his mama over and over again.

Offset has the last verse, and he definitely comes across as the one dude out of the trio that isn’t as mad about the disrespect that comes his way. Yes he still talks that tough talk, but he does it in a way that is a lot more radiant than the others.

Why does it feel like everyone was on the verge of fighting Deebo on their verses?




Earlier I said 2 Chainz dropped the perfect intro in “OK B*TCH”; well I also think he dropped the perfect outro in “Lamborghini Truck (Atlanta)”.

Accompanied by this emotional instrumental, 2 Chainz drops a couple of truthful bars that has him paying homage to his upbringing through a steady flow and heavy hitting bars. There’s nothing flashy about his raps, its just a bunch of raw/unadulterated lines from the proud Atlanta MC. I like the passion he shows on the track, but love how he is willing to unite the people of his city through some truthful lyrics more.




I’m going to be blunt: I think 2 Chainz is putting out his best music these days. A year ago, I thought that his “Pretty Girls Love Trap Music” album was something that rap needed — a project that took advantage of the love we have for trap music, and somehow made it feel fun again. On “TPTDCWMI,” I believe he continued using that approach, and it sounds as refreshing as it did less than a year ago. More than anything, 2 Chainz sounds focused on every song on this EP, coming across as someone that is obsessed with making the music sound just right. I’ve always known he was a good rapper, but I am pleasantly surprised at his ability to combine several different sounds together to make a complete record throughout this project. It’s truly a joy to listen to, and one that  will make you respect the hell out of Chainz artistry.

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