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Hefe Heetroc – Space Energy (Review & Stream)

Hefe Heetroc “Space Energy” stays true to its title, combining old school hip hop with this cosmic-like feel.

I think Hefe Heetroc’s mic skills makes him the definition of your MC’s favorite MC, and that is one of the many reasons “Space Energy” is a must listen! I also believe Hip Hop heads all over will enjoy Hefe’s dynamic style of rapping on it, as he has this unique ability to piece together the unlikeliest of words when he rhymes. (It’s almost like he’s putting together a puzzle of words on his verses) That approach is complimented well by the intergalactic vibes of the instrumental, subsequently creating this futuristic genre of rap music that that is hella interesting.

Hefe is a very busy man these days: He’s looking to drop his next Mixtape titled, “Misled Victory,” and a new album titled “Empire of the Forgotten”; the release for both projects are TBA, for now. In the meantime, make sure you check out more about him HERE! Also, checkout his “The Julie Project” HERE for more from him right now.



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