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24hrs – Lie Detector (Ft. Lil Pump) (Review & Stream)

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24hrs and Lil Pump link up for the poor man’s version of Trey Songz “LOL :)” (Lets just call it “LOL frown face…)

Helium man (aka 24hrs) has been releasing so much music these last couple of months, linking up with artists from Ty Dolla $ign to Tyga. Today, he reached out to the most reckless junior in the world, Lil Pump, and together they create this colorful banger that the thugs of the world would never admit that they are feeling. Since I am not a thug, I can honestly say that I’m feeling the vibes of the record, and definitely find several elements of it catchy.

Ya’ll think this is going to end up in the clubs by next month? I’m taking wagers…



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