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Fox & Coyote – Blue Marble (Review & Stream)

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Fox & Coyote’s “Blue Marble” is that riveting music experience that every listener should hear.

Fox & Coyote are a passionate five person folk band that does a great job of incorporating guitar, banjo, cello, bass, and drums into their music. Additionally, they focus on intimate words lyrically, delivering content that is typically self-aware, romantic, and charming. In “Blue Marble,” the band put together this touching track that I think is pretty heavenly sounding. Not only does the vibes of the song unpredictably change from gentle to electrifying throughout, but I also feel like the sentimental words you hear on the track is truly memorable.

I think Fox & Coyote bring such an interesting dynamic to folk music, which is why I believe you should check out their newest album, “Scattered Showers On A Double Bed” when it comes out March 18!



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